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Facts about Alcoholism

Harm Reduction

Substance use on the rise:

One in every three adults abuse alcohol or are alcoholic. Ten percent of people who drink become alcoholic.

Research studies have shown that adolescents and college students are " elevated risk for problems because of their high alcohol consumption rates" (Harm Reduction, Marlatt, A., 1998, p. 93). "Research results are conflicting, but anywhere from 22 to 44 percent of all students drink to excess." (NY Times, 1/14/05-Education Life Section).

Helping college students learn to moderate their drinking appears to be having more success than lecturing students about the harmful effects of alcohol abuse (NY Times, 1-14-05- Education Section).

"About 1 in 4 American chilldren is exposed to family alcoholism or alcohol abuse while growing up..." (New York Times, Jan.1, 2000).

And so much for the stereotype of drug users: 7 out of 10 drug users are full-time workers (WMBC - 9-8-99)

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